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Mooteow has opened their 2nd outlet at 73 Circular Road!

You can find comforting bowls of Teochew style beef kway teows with popular choices like Mixed Beef with Tendon and Sliced Beef here. The former comes with beef parts like beef tripe, brisket, tendon and beef balls, with a robust soup base bursting with flavours. My favourite part was the tendon, which had a melt-in-your-mouth texture!

The Sliced Beef Kway Teow is also a good choice as it has tender beef slices and a flavourful soup. Dry versions are also available for each of their kway teows and you may also ask for free refills of the soup versions.

For their opening promotion, they are offering 1-For-1 Sliced Beef Kway Teow at their latest outlet till 24th Nov 2019.