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It’s very true when people say you can’t be happy all the time. Similarly, things can’t go right all the time either. Here’s my yolé from Tangs over the weekend - had to fight off an auntie who kept trying to cut my queue while I was at @yolesingapore and kept glaring and shoving me, and it was in the afternoon when almost all of my favourite toppings were sold out 😔 And the caramelised biscuit sauce kept dripping for some reason and ended up staining my jeans before I had even started eating ☹️ Also wish that the height/amount of frozen yoghurt was more consistent... And that the fruit toppings didn’t all run out so quickly. And that my favourite Yolé outlet at Wisma comes back soon (I hope). I miss the nice lady who works there 😭 Nevertheless, Yolé is still my favourite frozen yoghurt brand ♥️