Act fast as the seasonal burger is down to the last few days, available till 28 February in limited quantity (20 portions) daily for dine-in only!

Loving this over-the-top Uni Ebi Burger ($28) from Wildfire, I enjoyed how everything came together - both taste and texture-wise. Think crunch from the panko-ed patty, the chew from the chunks of sweet sweet prawns hidden within, the creaminess of the uni, the softness of the toasted brioche buns, the savouriness of the squid ink aioli, and the slight tang from the tartar! Though as expected, when eaten together the other elements would kind of overpower the natural sweetness of the Bafun narabi uni. Hence, I would just take big bites off the top half with just the uni, bun, and bits of the hunky patty slathered in the aioli to really get the flavours of the ocean. The bottom half with the shredded lettuce and tartar would then balance out the richness. Overall, the quality was certainly there, the prawns were fresh-tasting and so was the delicate uni.