I had my try during their soft launch so this is a very very late post! Sorry about that.
First is the famous Milky Cube. Some may not like the pure honeycomb, some would. Some say they taste like plastic but to me, it tasted PURE. The honey is not too sweet like generic fake honeys. There is an aftertaste though. Something like a lingering flowery and nectar taste in your mouth. It didn't have to be so sweet because the milk soft serve ice cream is already sweet! Eat the honeycomb and ice cream together. It's pure simplicity and happiness! I really like this one. Not sure about the bad remarks but I guess I am more used to the natural honey taste and some people DO NOT like honey or is just used to generic brands.

Macao's Dream is basically the milk ice cream topped with a macaron of choice and almond slices. I chose popcorn macaron because it sounded unique! It tasted delicious too. It really tastes like popcorn and a good macaron. Definitely should try this!
If you're not a fan of any topping, go for the milk soft serve. It's really delicious! Smooth, milky and delicious. You won't regret it!
Of course, this is a slightly pricier McD ice cream.
A small downturn about MilkCow is that the ice cream portion is very small. About the size of an 8oz coffee cup. Very pricey for a small cup of ice cream. But we still pay more than 6 bucks for BR, HD or inside scoop ice cream right.
P/S. They serve coffee too! Have yet to try it. πŸ˜… Food: 8/10 Price:6/10 (RM 11 - Macao's Dream; RM 13 - Milky Cube)