The restaurant is a contrast to the dated history of the mall with its modern take on some of the Singaporean classics. From its namesake, the main focus is using the prawn in most of its dishes, starting from the Signature Chao Da Ebi Noodles ($14.90) using a prawn stock that has been prepared for 8 to 10 hours using approximately 40 kilograms of prawn shells and heads. The dish is served with ramen noodles with a pair of charred tiger prawns and slices of seared chicken. Unfortunately, the egg was slightly overcooked as the yolk is no longer as runny as I would have hoped for.

Comparing with their other signature the Chao Da Ebi Pao Fan ($18.90), the latter was much more preferred as the addition of the dried shrimp elevated the umami-ness of the broth, which effectively gave it an additional layer of flavour and richness. To me, the broth takes precedence when it comes to both dishes while the accompanying tiger prawns are the secondary factor to provide the meaty chew texture. To change the profile of the broth, the restaurant also serves broth boosters in Truffle ($2.50), Mala ($1.90) and Miso ($1.90) that you can add to zhng up your meal.

When it comes to the sides, we tried the Ebi & Vege-Crispy Fritter ($5.90), Salted Mackerel Fried Chicken ($6.90), Chilled Tofu with Homemade Sauce ($4.90) and Ah Ma’s Achar Gone Fancy ($4.90). The crispy fritter pays homage to the Japanese ebi kakiage tempura and is something that you should get to complement your meal while the fried chicken is a rendition of har cheong gai but this time round, the restaurant uses salted mackerel instead of prawn paste in the marinate.
✨ Ebi Bar
📍 5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza, Unit B1-21, Singapore 228796
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