I am a true blue Asian who loves her dumplings with a burning passion. Feeling one of these meat-packed morsels explode in my mouth when I bite into them is one of the most euphoric feelings ever, and I can easily down over a dozen of these in one sitting. Dumpling Darlings was created for people like me and the perpetual long, snaking queues are testament to how damn good these dumplings are. They don’t sell your usual meat and chive dumplings; they have a variety of interesting and unique creations that’ll leave any dumpling lover quaking. From smoked duck dumplings to even desert dumplings (sounds weird but a bite of this will send you to heaven), you’ll be left spoilt for choice. My favourite is the Fried Pierogi Dumplings which features smoked bacon, truffle potato, caramelised onion, cheddar and sriracha cream all packed into one perfectly charred dough wrapping. If you’re like me and can’t choose, I recommend opting for their Dumpling Platter of 15 where for just $20, you get to sample all 5 of their savoury dumpling variations.