Look at this beauty. Okay slightly expensive at $24, I was expecting at least 2 hotcakes for that price.

But we got a thick, fluffy, perfectly browned pancake drizzled with cardamom-infused maple syrup with mixed berries. The pancake is made with Hokkaido milk and ricotta cheese and the rich dairy flavors managed to shine through. It's topped with vanilla bean ice cream and some kind of fruit crisp like a hat. They really put a ton of effort into the presentation, which is appreciated. 👍

Taste-wise, I really liked the airy texture (like a McDonald's hotcake on steroids) and the ice cream melted slightly, making a delicious temperature contrast between the warm pancake and the cold ice cream. The ice cream was of really good quality too; I could actually taste the vanilla bean flavor. The attention to detail is apparent. :)