You can get to enjoy 4 skewers for the price of 2 ($11.50, U.P. $23) and 6 skewers for the price of 3 ($17.25, U.P. $34.50), which is an absolute bargain right now. All the yakitori skewers are grilled over binchotan charcoal which gives it a nice smokiness to every bite and the restaurant does not skimp on the portion as you can see the huge size of each ingredient on the stick. The two favourites of ours include the Golden Mushroom wrapped with Sliced Pork and Leek wrapped with Sliced Pork as there is the nice saltiness from the pork complementing with the mushrooms and leek. Now, you can have an authentic Japanese yakitori experience that is delivered to your desired location and enjoy it in comfort.

You can also top up for a bowl of Tonkotsu Chashu Ramen at a price point of $10 or get one of their bento sets to go along with your charcoal grilled skewers.
✨ Ryu Taro Yakitori & Izakaya Bar
📍 51A Neil Road, Singapore 088829
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