Like a normal garlic-cheese bread, with mochi bits, bean powder, and crunchy almond slices. It wasn't that extraordinary, but i'd come back for the place.
Probably my new fav place to sit around: lots of seats [of course -- it's a freaking 3 stories store], with power plugs, wifi, and of course, desserts and snacks! [and they're open 24/7]!
BUT it's freezing, i sat by the window with blazing sun, and it was still freaking-cold. So if you're planning to sit for a while, might wanna wear something warmer -- talking about long pants and jacket. and ☕ please.😊👌
🍞 Garlic cheese injoelmi toast
💰 S$9.90
🏠 눈송이 NunSongYee Bugis
📍 534 North Bridge Road
🚅 Bugis MRT