This place is synonymous with frog leg porridge but here is a dish that is a good alternative for those squeamish about consuming Kermit.
The signature “Seafood and Chicken Gizzard Hor Fun” would undoubtedly strike you first with what it comes in. Formed by “opeh” leaves, the receptacle resembles a deep-bottomed boat and it certainly catches the eye when placed on a table.
Portions here are made for sharing and start at $12 for the smallest. That’s what we got, and to be sure, the serving is big. Three people could have easily gotten stuffed on it.
I found the “hor fun” to be really tasty as it was fragrant with a pronounced “wok hei”. The amount of ingredients was pretty generous too. You can expect to find prawns, thinly sliced fish, chicken gizzard, chicken liver (my fave of the lot because it softens to be a bit creamy when simmered in the gravy), “chye sim” and an egg mixed in with the broad rice noodles in the slippery gravy.