This is my third time at brotzeit and Weici’s first time. I vaguely rmb the first time I went was w my family where we ordered a sausage platter that we couldn’t finished. It was just too western and meaty for my fam. The second time I went w my ex-colleagues for their rosti meal which was pretty good but pricey for its portion. And this time, here we are, trying their classics and sausages.

Fladen Schinken (Bread) - $22
Kasespatzle (spätzle with cheese) - $21
Smoked Salmon Rosti- $19
Bauernwurst (Sausage w potatoes) - $20

The dishes were okay but wasn’t filling. Sadly, the sausage platter and pork knuckles are excluded from the Burpple deal. Definitely will try these next time! From all the 4 dishes we tried here, I find myself loving the sausage the most, it’s very tender on the inside and crisp on the outside. The rosti is cooked pretty differently to that of the ones I always had, this is softer, wet and less crispy. Fladen Schinken and Kasespatzle definitely go well with a mug of beer! I find Kasespatzle to be most interesting, if I were to use local terms to describe it, it would almost be like mee hoon kueh marinated with tons of cheese (Mac & cheese)! It’s nice tho!

To end it off, I would give the service here 10/10! The staffs are very helpful and friendly to us. Great evening spent here. ☺️

Price: $12.5/pax (w Burpple Deal)
Rating: 7/10

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