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This cheery omelette ($14) is made out of organic eggs and I added $9 for two huge fat sausages.

The omelette was super fluffy, seasoned beautifully and cooked to perfection. The layers peeled open to reveal the just set egg in the center. The slight aftertaste of milk/cream enhanced the richness of the omelette. There was pecorino and romano cheeses in the center, providing a flavorful kick to the dish and waking up the palate. I do wish there was more cheese inside the omelette though, it was rather sparsely sprinkled in the center of the omelette. Perhaps a visible cheese pull would have been nice 😉

The sausages were thick, flavorful and crunchy. It had just the right amount of spice which complemented the omelette. I felt it was really worth it for the price.

One of Plentyfull's best selling points is definitely their atmosphere; the restaurant was tastefully decorated in a chic yet casual manner, with efficient staff filling our water glasses (yay to free water)!! Definitely a good place for a lunch date or even some alone time over good quality, honest, simple food. :)