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AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, BIG BOI PORTIONS MUACKS 😘 Damn gurllllll this unassuming cafe with a lack of visually appealing interior serves a pretty damn sick breakfast platter. This Fry Up ($22) just changed the whole game of breakfast platters in cafe because what the heck at the portion?! Even without beyond I would gladly pay $22 for this big ass plate again and again!!!! I have not seen another cafe this generous before. The bacon was so crispy and it’s a mountain, legit. The baked beans were smth I never had before??? Damn nice along with the sourdough!!!! There were some baked potatoes below the toast which had a bit of a gochujang marinade kinda flavour which I didn’t enjoy at first but couldn’t stop eating it LOLZ. Oh yeah but the chorizo was a bit weird.... like powdery almost and had a similar taste to smth like a meatball?? Oof aside from that the whole thing was gr8 I give it 10/10 for a satisfying meal 😌🤟🏻