We were looking forward to try this unique looking pizza which looks like a mega curry puff instead of a traditional flat base pizza but we found it underwhelming. The crust was not bad, slightly salted and chewy, though at the edges it got a bit too dry and hard. Guess that's what the small cup of tomato pasta sauce is for – to dip the edges? The filling (mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, ham) was not very well distributed as the majority of it was at the centre. Even when we reached the centre, we thought that there wasn't enough filling and perhaps more ingredients (maybe onions and capsicums?) could be added to make the taste less monotonous and more flavourful.

We ordered this as part of the pizza set under bupple beyond, and overall we would say that the set is worth the money and a try since it comes with bruschetta, truffle fries and 2 drinks as well for $39++.