And now, we finally get to the main meat of the matter at the main courses. The tapas selection definitely dwarfs the entrée section, but the two most promising choices were the Crispy Roast Pork ($23++), also known as ‘Lonjas de Cerdo Asado’ on the menu, and the Mojito Chicken ($22++).

As you might’ve guessed, the redolent roast pork is the full sized variant of the roast pork bites we had earlier. Oddly enough, these thick slices of pork were considerably tougher than their more diminutive brethren. Perhaps cutting them down to a smaller size tenderised them slightly, or perhaps it was a bout of inconsistency. We’ll probably never know.

One universal problem that both dishes shared were the vegetables. I was actually rather pumped to find that @cubalibre.cq had put in a decent bit of effort & arrayed a marvellous medley of veg on the plate. There’s broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, asparagus, squash, cauliflowers & cucumbers coexisting on both plates, and that’s quite the rainbow of vegetables. Unfortunately, the effort ended up half baked, as the vegetables weren’t dressed at all. Heck, they weren’t even seasoned, unfortunately.

Still, despite unseasoned, undressed vegetables, Cuba Libre’s mains aren’t too shabby for the price of admission. Besides, Cuba Libre’s on #burpplebeyond, and two of these for the price of one? Consider me convinced!

Thanks for having us, @cubalibre.cq & @burpple!