Absolute horrific experiences! (Yes, plural, because I've been to Assembly Ground TWICE.)

First time I went there with my girlfriend, ordered the prawn pasta, which was great in taste! BUT food service was so slow, and it took them almost 20 to 30 minutes to serve the food. WORSE STILL. We only got served our appetisers (chicken poppers) AFTER we had finished our mains. Even the waitress serving our table was absolutely embarrassed. I mean seriously, who waits 20 minutes without appetisers, and then proceeds to serve it after mains? But food was good, so we decided to let it go and try it one more time.

AND WE REGRETTED. Second time (today) that I went with my girlfriend and our university friends. It was actually my friend's birthday and she loved pasta, so we decided to give Assembly Ground another try. On a positive note, yes, they finally learnt to serve appetisers (truffle fries, which yes, was filling and large in quantity), BUT WOW we got served our first pasta 30 MINUTES after our order... as usual we wouldn't start until everyone's food arrived... BUT EVEN AFTER 50 MINUTES after our order we were still waiting for ONE MORE PASTA. WORSE STILL: it was my birthday friend's pasta. Come on, gosh. We kept asking the staff where our mains were, and all they could say were the same old excuses: "Sorry, we'll rush your order, it should becoming soon."

Now I work in the services industry, so I know sometimes it ain't the service staff's fault. (Don't blame the person who serves the food, blame the person who cooks the food.) So come on Assembly Ground, the table beside us, who ordered like maybe 15 minutes after us, were literally served ALL THREE BURGERS BEFORE US. That's absolute horrific, how could you afford to let three people wait for one dish that's gone missing? And worse still, how on earth can you justify waiting 50 minutes for pasta? Jesus. Doesn't help that it was the birthday girl and I was the one who suggested eating here. You not only made her fun-gry, you embarrased me because I brought them here.

Absolutely disgraceful. Your chefs need to "wake up their idea". If I could rate 0 I would, because I've been absolutely embarrased by you guys, but I can't, so 1 star it is for you.

Good food doesn't mean you get away with absolutely disgusting food service standards. And yes, the waiter acknowledged it was my friend's birthday but only apologised. You guys should do better, at least serve her a coffee or something. MAKE IT UP TO HER. Jesus.