The grand ol’ dame of Cheese Tea in Singapore — had tried LiHo’s version very early on but it’s definitely since been a while before I tried out the other variants of Cheese Oolong Tea available all around.

I must say I was actually pretty surprised that LiHo’s variant is pretty respectable amongst the few I have tried — or maybe it has something to do about them being the first to bring Cheese Tea into Singapore that they had set the basic expectations of the beverage. The Jing Syuan Oolong doesn’t leave much of a lingering aftertaste at 0% sweetness, though I would say that it could have been a little more outstanding if there was more depth for the tea aroma. Having LiHo’s variant quite a few times before writing this, it can be said that LiHo’s cheese curd is somewhat thicker than most — the cheese somewhat ends up in globs, proving that hint of savouriness throughout the entire cup; those from other places tend to carry the cheesiness at the start, only to run out of cheese midway. LiHo’s variant sees the cheese going on at the start and near the finish, though the cheese doesn’t really quite integrate with the tea to form a milkier concoction — something that would work well for those going for the cheese like me though!