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Still the one I love .. ...

I love a warm Apple pie anytime and no one does it better than Swiss link bakery.

This is the Apple pie that the older generations will approve of because they have preserved the " traditional taste " of pies , tarts and pastries.

Other than the location - I love everything about this Apple pie . I love that it is served warm , I loved that the apples are cooked well with that cinnamon goodness and I love that the shortcrust pastry is fresh and crusty.

I have tried the Apple pies from Han's, from island creamery and IKEA . None have been able to maintain this crustiness of the pie and no one does the ratio of the Apple filling and pie skin better than Swisslink.

I used to love IKEA's version because of the generous raisins and walnuts within the Apple pie but the pie skin lacked that crustiness .

Having said that , on one bake's a good ole Apple pie the way my mummy bakes. But for a quick fix and to save her from being so busy in the kitchen , I would gladly go to Swisslink .