Very lucky to have someone who understands my taste buds so well to gift these lovely croissants to me while we are kinda stranded at home due to the dine-in ban that came in force with the return to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) — wouldn’t have expected to be able to savour Bacha Coffee’s pastries at the comfort of home.

Bacha Coffee’s packaging has never been short of exquisite which makes it perfect for gifting — the standard box for six comes with a glittery gold cardboard base, while the box comes thoughtfully with cut-out flaps that can be used as a handle for hand-carry; transparent plastic windows on the side so everyone can get a peek of what’s in there. Have always been a fan of Bacha Coffee’s flavoured croissants — the Orange Almond being my favourite and probably the first ones I have tried before the queues started to form at the ION Orchard branch; also their very first outpost in Singapore.

If I were to pick, the Kaya Croissants will be my favourite of the two — probably because it is the only flavour that I have come across so far that comes with molten cream being stuffed within. Bacha Coffee’s croissants come coloured — the Kaya one coming with alternating stripes of green and is topped with desiccated coconut; taking a bite on the croissant reveals the tiny air pockets within the pastry, and is still lightly crisp. That being said, it is how that earthy yet sweet custard filling that caught our hearts here — the Kaya filling being all smooth and creamy akin to the ones made from scratch from other specialty cafes; nothing gloopy and gritty like the commercially made ones, while the deep and earthy notes of Gula Melaka(?) gives it a rich flavour without being overly sweet. The Almond Coffee features the same pastry, though instead comes filled with a almond frangipane that is spiked with a caffeinated boost — also pretty delicious.

Looking forward to return to Bacha Coffee when dine-in resumes; while the queue at their ION Orchard outlet is pretty crazy to say the least, I quite miss that relaxed yet exquisite (albeit exaggerated too) vibe from the music to the decor — not to mention their range of flavoured coffees and croissants that somewhat hits the taste buds for me. But meanwhile, just let me savour on these first …