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Alittle tashi is built from the ground up on a tapas/sharing plate concept, so the Baked River Prawn ($32++) does raise a whole lotta eyebrows as it seems to be in complete rebellion of said concept.

A colossal river prawn is butterflied right down the middle and baked, and is then draped atop a bed of crispy shiitake garlic rice like one of your sexy French girls. Ginger scallion sauce is then squirted right down the prawn’s crack for a little extra excitement and flavor. It wasn’t as fresh as it should’ve been, but it ain’t all that bad in all honesty.

The crispy shiitake garlic rice would be better off with a more pungent garlic flavor, but other than that, it was pretty decent. Sure, the rice is kinda hard and crunchy rather than soft & fluffy, but they did put ‘crispy’ right there in the menu so you had ample warning of what to expect.

The real reason why I thought this dish was rather weak when considering alittle tashi’s foundational concept of Asian fusion sharing plates was mainly down to that river prawn. It’s large enough to be shared between two, but when you’ve got a ménage a trois or more, that prawn is under equipped for said task. And when you consider the fact that this dish is $32++, it’s real easy to believe that you’ve been cheated. Especially if you don’t use #BurppleBeyond.

Tasty? Yes. Worth it? No. Hotel? Trivago.

Your review title and the last part have me HOLLERING! 😭
Thank you thank you, I do my best reviews when I’m treading the fine line between blind drunk and comfortably drunk