Salted Caramel is an establishment that has been around for quite a long while — the scene may have seen many entrants in the past number of years focusing on gelato and ice-cream, but Salted Caramel has always been a mainstay in the scene serving up intriguing flavours without being too over-the-top. Its Thomson outlet might perhaps be the most known location, though their Beauty World location has also been around for quite a long while as well. One thing that we have noted about Salted Caramel over the years is how they seem to be always incrementally improving themselves to keep the brand up-to-date to the business environment — the Beauty World outlet is their first expansion since their establishment at Thomson, and sports a minimalist interior that is a refreshing change from the Thomson outlet back then. Since then, the Thomson outlet has also seen some renovation works that helped to spruce up the space a little — interestingly, both outlet also do serve up a line-up of danishes now with the Beauty World outlet serving up a wider variety than the Thomson location.

Salted Caramel’s ice-cream needs no introduction at this stage; whilst we are not frequent customers of the brand, we have had their ice-cream and also written about several flavours that we have had over the years. What made us feel compelled to make a return to Salted Caramel was their danishes — it is interesting to note how the range of danishes at Salted Caramel comprises of both savoury and sweet danishes, though the sweet danishes do make up for quite a large selection nonetheless. We were actually rather intrigued by the Yuzu Calamansi Meringue when we skimmed through the danishes on display — almost like a croissant that got a fancy, punk-style hairdo from the spiky meringue. The description card placed in the cabinet describes the Yuzu Calamansi Meringue to come with elements such as Yuzu Calamansi curd and Italian Meringue; the Danish was also interestingly warmed up upon order — something which we never quite had expected these folks to do considering how much they are a dessert establishment and that the Yuzu Calamansi Meringue is a sweet danish to begin with. Slicing down the Yuzu Calamansi Meringue, the croissant was crisp, light, airy and flaky — surprisingly buttery without feeling particularly greasy; definitely better than what we had expected. The slicing action also meant that the Yuzu Calamansi curd filled within would ooze out of the croissant as well; there was actually a good portion of Yuzu Calamansi curd within the croissant that gives zippy and sour-ish tang that helped opened the tastebuds. The torched meringue on the top comes slightly hardened on the exterior, yet still light and fluffy within with just a bit of sweetness to cut through the tang — quite on point. Overall, quite a satisfying treat that definitely hits the spot for us; looking forward to try the others that they have to offer some other time!