2 curious strangers made a choice that they did not regret today.

Curious Palette's rendition of the Bacon Ricotta hotcake, essentially a party of flavour in your mouth, blew our minds away.

Thick, fluffy hotcake, spiced pumpkin sauce, caramelized bacon strips, onion marmalade, pumpkin cubes. We were intrigued by the pumpkin sauce that we drizzled all over the hotcake; we couldn't figure out what sauce that was. It was sweet, sour and lastly a spiced aftertaste kicked in.

Your tastebuds will be entertained by the sweetness and saltiness of the bacon strips, and the onion marmalade really helped to cut away the heaviness of the hotcake after reaching the halfway point.

Take a leap of faith if you have already tried their Berry Ricotta Hotcake, you will be so happy you did.