I read a lot of good stuff about Donya on my feed and on the usual food websites and I was so excited to try it!!! 🤤 But this was honestly one of the worst meals I've had in a long time. And I've genuinely not felt so demoralised after eating in a long while. ☚ī¸ We tried the Mentai Salmon Don and the Chicken Katsu Don. The Mentai Salmon Don was so dry and the sauce so sour. You would think the generous Aburi Mentai Mayo would patch my bleeding heart from having spent $8.80 on this bowl but some wounds can't be plastered over just like that. It was a torture to finish this bowl of rice and I only finished it because it was so expensive. The Chicken Katsu Don was hopefully a safer choice. But while the chicken was slightly thicker than normal food court katsu dons, the sauce was hopelessly bland and tasteless. The chicken was also rather bland and not well-seasoned at all. Even though it's quite affordable at $5.80, this is a price that makes my soul bleed too considering that the Koufu near my house does better Katsu Dons than this. You know, I really wanted this to be good since I travelled all the way to Toa Payoh for this. But it sucked. And I am incredibly heartbroken and disappointed and angry. 💔