Caught myself almost becoming an addict to scrolling on Chope but it has led me to discover that a tapas restaurant has opened shop in my humble neighbour, yes the deserted east of Singapore: Pasir Ris. It is still peculiar to find such a cuisine in the heartlands so I told mum we should walk over to try it. The
menu is interesting with some Asian influence, think patata bravas with a sambal sauce. There are more traditional tapas like the bikini, roasted octopus and Brussels sprout we had; they were nice but each with a flaw. For example I joked with mum that the sandwich bread felt like toasted gardenia white bread and the octopus was tenderised with a nice texture but didn’t feel fresh. Don’t get me wrong gardenia bread is not bad but my spoilt palate is more accustomed to daily baked bread. Also the sweetened brussel sprout was a nice rendition but was swimming in a small pool of oil at the bottom.

Mum suggested we give the mains a chance with the full family to form our conclusive verdict of the place. I wonder which weekend that will be.