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This was once a happy discovery from Grabfood. We had been exercising a wee bit of self control on not ordering it every week because it isn’t the healthiest of choice. Now I have one more reason to not order it and get my lazy ass out because.. the price of convenience is almost double😂.

Prices start at $4 if you’re eating at the food court, and I think it’s pretty worth the satisfaction. The fried chicken thigh ($5.50) is incredibly crispy and fragrance from the spices with tumeric and a distinct lemongrass flavour, while the insides were tender and juicy! And the rice - we prefer the nasi dagang for its texture, but the steam rice is equally good because it’s so fluffy and lemak.

For sides, our go-to is the Sambal Assam Sotong ($3) which usually tastes very fresh with a good bite (this round seemed to be an off day or perhaps I was a little late for dinner, as it was slightly more rubbery but it’s the first time it happened). It isn’t too spicy (may be disappointing for those who’re looking for more heat), with the addition of pineapples for sweetness. The other would be their curry mutton ($3) which are just tender cubes of delishness, and it’s not too gamey.

The mildly sour yet refreshing achar helps to cut through the richness of the dish, and the sambal balacan really packs a punch. Ambitiously mixed it with my rice and I’ve never, purposely, added it again😂 But spicy-lovers should like this!