Was gifted a box of these goodies! Was so happy receiving them :)

- Lao po bing: my favourite since I was a kid! I maintain that they have the best laopobings. The wintermelon filling is very soft and chewy, mildly sweet and goes so well with the flaky pastry!
- Pineapple pastry: first time trying this and was pleasantly surprised. It’s similar to a laopobing, but with a pineapple fragrance. Could see the pineapple fibres, so I don’t think flavouring was used. My family enjoyed this a lot!
- Red bean pastry: quite a dense paste, different from what you’ll find in breads. Decent but not my fav.
- Salted bean pastry: the filling was a smooth paste, unlike tausarpiah filling which is crumbly. Not bad!
- Century egg & salted egg: these two pastries are the most average ones in the box. They paired the egg with sweet bean paste, and while it’s decent it’s just not my cup of tea (we generally don’t eat century egg / salted egg).

Tldr - must buys: laopobing, pineapple pastry. Their flaky pastry isn’t oily or buttery, so it doesn’t feel too heavy, great for a light snack :)

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