If you’re seeking something a little more muted but no less delicious, the Spinach & Fried Tofu Salad ($9++) will do right by you. Fresh, crunchy spinach is dressed in bountiful amounts of wasabi mayonnaise, and garnished with cherry tomatoes and fried tofu puffs. The raw spinach is a great palate cleanser with its vegetal, peppery flavour profile, and the strips of tofu puffs provide a nice, airy chew. However, the wasabi mayo dressing is what makes this salad delicious.⠀

The wasabi mayo is creamy, salty and spicy, and it you get enough of it in a bite, you’ll feel the signature burn of wasabi right in your sinuses. Better yet, there’s more than enough of the wasabi mayo to go around, so don’t be shy about getting stuck into the awesome sauce.