“Good Come Again”.
What a prescient name this Chinese eatery has because all I want to do after every visit is to return.
When I circled back there recently, it was for the simplest of meals - a plate of Stirfried Cabbage and a dish of Pig’s Heart (shown above).
The former, a deceptively plain-looking thing, always captivates with a nifty nuanced flavour profile thanks to a mix of numbing Szechuan spice, the stealthy heat of dried chillies and a dash of vinegar.
As for the latter which is served at room temperature, “brazen” would be a more apt description as the cut-up pieces of boiled pig’s heart were tossed with a tonne of raw minced garlic, thick slices of scallions, big red chillies, fresh coriander and crunchy peanuts. At times, the raw garlic did burn a little but I soldiered on because tastiness superseded in leaps and bounds.