Walked past this ancient-China-communist-themed bar at Telok Ayer, found that it sold YTF in the day and I immediately fell in love 🥰— never thought my favourite food could be served in a historically themed heritage shophouse that plays to my fascination of this modern cultural distract. —

While this was slightly pricier than average ($6-7), you get the amazing ambiance + SUPER good quality & generously cut “liao” so I’ll say it’s 100% #worthit ! Also one of the more affordable things in the area if you don’t count the hawker centre 😬Highlight here is to get the YTF dry tossed in some thick savoury black sauce with a bowl of thick beehoon tossed in that same sauce with mince meat. I got the soup 🍜 version which was #meatfree and SO delicious (not the type of soup that’s loaded w MSG 👌). —

Overall I really love this place 10/10 for food, ambiance and prices. Make sure you’re able to beat the lunch crowd though! The couple next to me was fighting to chope seat with their tissue packets and lanyard.. super classic CBD style.. I told them I’ll save it for them it’s ok😂
REALLY missing Yong Tau Foo right now 😭 Bite size pieces of 39347474 variations of tofu/ tofu skin/ fish paste (tofu lovers paradise 🤤), vegetables with a hearty bowl of soup and noodles AHHHH it’s been awhile... let me ramble about this for the 294848th time.

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