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Chocolate and banana ditch baby πŸ₯ž pancakes

So happy to be meeting my sister for a girls night out over a lovely dessert .

Called pancakes but actually more like fluffy crepes , this was enjoyable . The β€œ pancakes” were well executed and beautifully presented .

The only thing was that the quality of ice cream and the chocolate sauce were lacking.
If it’s a perfect dessert , then all components have to be perfect .

The chocolate ice cream tasted like walls ice cream and the chocolate sauce was more like chocolate syrup rather than a rich genuine dark chocolate sauce I was hoping for.

A little surprised as I thought that the Japanese owners would take care of little details as such 😊

Nevertheless, the friendly service made up for everything and the flexibility to choose your pancake size was a nice gesture since we just had a full dinner and wanted something smaller.

Opt for the set deal and get their hot Yuzu green tea which was incredibly fragrant .

A nice cosy cafe to rest your legs and get some girls talk done πŸ‘§πŸ»

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