SMOOY Yoghurt!

This place has been on Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 list for the longest time! But I am only finally trying it now after so long!

Was hoping that they had other season flavours besides the original flavour, but the other season flavour on sale during my visit was chocolate, which I did not like ohwell.

We got the classic cup ($5.90) which comes with choice of 2 toppings. Similar to Llao Llao and Yole, sauce is considered one topping. I was quite surprised that there were no fresh fruits here available during our visit, but it could also be because it was after dinner time. Come early if you want fresh fruit!

Opted for my favourite white chocolate + coconut sauce (it is called Chioco Coco here)! But I found it to be overly sweet? It was the first time that I finished the yoghurt but still have so much sauce left!