Back at Le Chasseur for the 4th visit! My parents quite love the claypot chicken rice and tausuan here!

The claypot chicken rice only comes in two sizes - small $13 or large $24. We go the large portion but it didn't seem very large to me. What is special about this claypot chicken rice is the long grain rice they use! I also like how the chicken didnt have much bones. The chilli sauce was the sourish kind though. I was okay with it though my parents weren't.

The tausuan here comes in a huge portion! We got servings for 3. Which was more than enough for 5 pax! Maybe can reduce to 2 portions next time. One portion of tausuan costs $3.2.

The other items we ordered as filler items were the ngor hiang ($5), hotplate tofu ($10), fried sotong paste youtiao ($6.5) and sambal Kang kong. The sotong paste youtiao was toooooo fried, I wouldn't get it the next time.

All in, meal was about $60+ for 5 pax. No gst and service charge.