4.5⭐️/5 BBQ Baby Pork Ribs
($26 before GST) Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1

Baby Pork Ribs has 6 ribs in total and side of fries and coleslaw. Baby pork ribs is quite a gem, it is juicy and tender with the well coated bbq sauce. The fries is well seasoned and even when it turns cold, the fries is still very crispy. Lastly for the coleslaw, it complements the dish well to balance out the heaty meal. A very good proportion of sides and meat. Very enjoyable meal.

4⭐️/5 Fried Chicken Wings
($12 before GST) NOT Eligible for Burpple voucher

Ordered this side as $12 for 6 wings/drums. The batter is stated to be lightly seasoned in the menu but it turns out to be heavily flavoured. Delicious and crispy wings which could be shared around.

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