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@darkhorse.sg specialised in Japanese Seafood Tapas now open doors for lunch from Mondays to Fridays, 11:30am to 2:30pm
Featuring: Kaisen Don (Mixed Seafood) $22.
A good mixed of imported fresh seasonal seafood on top a bowl of Japanese short grain rice or a bowl of healthy green salad.
Tuna Don $15.
Slices of sashimi grade Tuna with cubes of marinated spicy Tuna for a different texture & flavour.
Salmon Don $15.
Thick slices of sashimi grade Salmon with a side of shredded mayo salmon.
Salmon & Tuna Don $15.
A combo of freshly cut Tuna and Salmon with sides of cubed spicy Tuna & shredded mayo salmon.
For those who loves Salmon & Tuna.
Ten Don $16.
A good selection of Tempura seafood & vegetables with 3 huge prawns stood out from the rest.
Non oily, tempura sauce lightly drizzled on the rice, give this Don a refreshing palate from some Ten Don where the saltiness of the sauce dominates the entire palate.
More sauce is available upon request.
Unagi Don $22.
A half of Unagi is served with sauce drizzled over the Unagi, giving the rice beneath a sweet finish. Quite addictive.
Gyu Don (Beef) $18.
One of personal favourite.
Slices of beef fried with sweet sliced onion, with the sauces dripping onto the rice.
A very hearty Don.
Chicken Kara-age Don $12
Crispy, crunchy chicken.
For those who loves deep fried.
Teriyaki Chicken Don $14.
The char grilled chicken thigh cut, the smokiness, the caramelised of the teriyaki sauce, for those who love teriyaki chicken.
All Dons are served with Japanese short-grained rice or healthy green salad.
Dark Horse
30 Boat Quay
S 049812
Tel: 9099 1101
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:30am till late
Sat: 5pm till late
Sun: Reservations only.
Thank you @gastronomegrp for the private invite; @darkhorse.sg & Hana-san @encasedinice for hosting and warm hospitality as always.