In place of Mat Salleh's spot along Lorong Kurau is now the upscale N97, a prime place for the meat-hungry. The dim, atmospheric setting, coupled with a certifiably indulgent menu, makes this one great for date nights or group celebrations. The focus at every table is the Wagyu Tomahawk (from RM710). It will set you back quite a bit, but take comfort in knowing that the 1.6 kg gargantuan meat dish is not only delicious, but can comfortably feed six to eight tummies! Even if you're on a date (or in smaller groups), don't let the tomahawk out of sight just yet. There is a humbler (but still delectable) Angus Baby Tomahawk (from RM350) to consider. While the waitstaff will recommend a medium to medium well doneness that is more widely accepted, Burppler Dex Neo recommends getting it medium rare for seared, crusty sides and a moist, tender centre. The garlic sauce that comes with both meats is mindblowingly good too.
Avg Price: RM200
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo