I am not a fan of fishballs-- I will pick & choose my balls carefully. Everything at 文光 (#01-25) is hand-made; I particularly enjoyed the meatballs, which have a firm yet chewy bite to it. Mee Pok 面薄 is my favourite type of noodles, & the chilli in the sauce had a good amount of heat in it (doesn't numb my tongue - yes I am a wimp). I would happily order this bowl of Mee Pok Dry ($3) again.

Take note: This stall is #01-25, not #01-185 like it says on other websites/sources. DON'T QUEUE AT THE WRONG STALL LIKE I DID 😧 Not pointing fingers, but I just wanted to provide an update; I think post-renovation, the stalls may have reshuffled? (I dunno)