Had the pesto! It’s so different from other pesto dishes I’ve had before (in a good way), I loved the addition of pine nuts (I think) and it was v flavorful! Would have loved more cheese :) also ordered the Parma ham pizza in a separate post

Went on a Saturday and we were told the burpple deal doesn’t apply on weekends but that they would make an exception for us? Even though it wasn’t stated in the deal’s T&Cs. We were using the ‘Main Dish’ deal, not the ‘Main Dish (mon-thu)’ deal. Then when we wanted to place our orders they said oh the last two (most expensive) pizzas in each of the red & white categories were not applicable. Again, this was not stated in the T&Cs.

The $3 surcharge was stated tho so do keep that in mind!

That's so odd! My friend went last weekend and no issues when claiming the Burpple deal then... Thanks for the tip tho! Will watch out :)