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Had the nacho chips very different from other cafes. Very crisp and crunchy, the 2 dips was the bomb very refreshing and slightly savouring. Waffle was done to perfection, crispy on the outside and not cakey in the inside.

Unfortunately, boss only has his own interests of quick business. He "chased" 1 diner away who was besides my table. That diner was nice enough to gulp down his remaining drink and left. Another incident, a lady was waiting for his friends who hasn't arrived. The boss asked "can I know what time your friends are coming."

To the boss: if you wan a fast turnover rate set a fast food chain. Please don't spoil the cafe market. We feel stressed when we finished our desserts. The boss stood at the cashiering area spying obviously if we were finished. Its like we were obliged to leave immediately. So what u have a nice pretty cafe but such service attitude. I'm sorry , I won't be back even though your waffle is up to my standard. I want a restful time chilling at a cafe not rushing to leave immediately.