Almost ended up late for school but this is really worth the rush. Garlic Cheese is nothing new to me now given I have had the same thing in the past, but each time I order it whenever I am here I am just so intrigued by the stretchy cheese and that garlicky stench which runs through the paper-thin, crisp prata that has a little tension to pull; totally my thing for I just love strong tasting, pungent prata apart from plain ones (eg. garlic/onion prata). That being said, it is hard not to order the plain one here too; same crispness in the outside but dense enough within for the pulling tension. And not forgetting the curry; not too spicy, but thick enough and flavourful that you would definitely wipe out no matter the portion they serve to you.

HAHAHAHA you ah!
Muriel A wasn't really my fault today ... the bus was traveling so slow it ate up my lunch time ... 😔