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Ordered two sets of donut with straight tea using Burpple Beyond and our bill came up to $6.40. On its own, the Tie Guan Yin with Kurozu Konyakku costs $3.90.

I ordered the tea with 30% sugar. The tea is pretty fragrant, and 30% is good enough to mask any bitterness from the tea without being too sweet. What’s special about the tea here is the kurozu konyakku. Kurozu is actually black vinegar, and Kakuida’s version has been aged for 3 years and infused with real fruit extracts. I didn’t actually know this prior to drinking the tea, so I had an interesting sensory experience when I first sucked up the jelly bits! The jelly was vinegary and sour, but also had fruity sweetness to it. Very nice, and went well with the tea. The beverage was unique, super refreshing and I enjoyed every sip of it. Perfect to cool off on a hot day ✌🏻

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