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nearest mrt: Changi Airport 🟢

‼️ i patronise jewel very often as if its my 2nd hm bt the outside version & so thrs this 1 lvl tht i roam arnd almost everytime im thr; u guessed it: the basement. its my food heaven 🌟 & ive chanced upon these aesthetically pleasing cinnamon rolls! ive only tried the ones frm Star Cinnamon & im a sucker for it, whenever im at Bugis, I’ll make sure go back late to catch the night deals 🤣 & so @rrooll.sg caught my eyes! got to know tht its under my bestfriend’s lobang (my dearest @burpple) so I immediately grabbed a set of 4 @ $10 😍✨

Here’s what ive gotten! :-)
✅ Garlic Onion Cheese
✅ Matcha Cinnamon
✅ Hawaiian
✅ Hazelnut Royal


texture wise, hawaiian has the softest & breadie texture (not forgetting its zesty tomato sauce which deceives u in thinking tht ure eating a 🍕) compared to the others which was slightly crumbly n on the drier side! altho garlic onion cheese was the most enticing to me… was pretty disappointed w the fillings inside as the taste wasnt as complex as what the name suggests! 😓😓 likewise the matcha, it wasnt matchalicious enuf to claim to be a matcha roll bt perfect for matcha beginners! 🤗

didnt heat up my rolls bt i was wondering it it would be nicer if ive followed their recommended instructions? 🤭 anyws… im aiming to try their other flavours soon so do keep a look out keke! ✨

non-Burpple foodies can grab them @ 4 for $13 (provided if the promotions are still on!) usual prices are up to $3.90 so its rly worth for my Burpple Buddies 🤓