Finally braved the queue to try the iconic Han Kee 🐟 soup. The good thing is, the long queue really moves fast so this was out within 15 mins of waiting even at 1.15pm. Sizes here come at $5/$7/$9. FYI so you know how to order when the aunties - who seem to expect the whole world to know the menu/super eyesight from standing 20 people away to the front - bark at youπŸ’«
If yesterday's fish soup was chunky, this is really chunky. The thickness of the fish slices and generous portions in a ($5) bowl makes it a value-for-money. Great for a light lunch - even the accompanying bowl of rice is 'lite'. The broth has a more mass-market feel instead of the wholesome taste of yesterday's. It is an above-average bowl definitely, but iconic kind of wow? Maybe? πŸ™‚

Agree! They are very generous with the fish here, which I think is the main draw.