Kinpachi is a Japanese restaurant on the second floor in SS 17, the same row as Shell and Petron. Declaring itself as an"authentic Japanese Restaurant" the head chef is indeed Japanese and is quite well known among the Japanese who stay in the area probably because 1- they sell various forms of Japanese alcohol and 2- the staff some of them do speak Japanese. Prices are generally quite high as compared to other places especially those which are commercial (for example RM 57 before service charge and tax for an Unajyuu - Unagi with rice) but it still doesn't seem to deter Japanese salary man (that's what they call people who go to the office in Japan) and loyal customers from coming here.

The Yaki Gyozas (pan fried dumplings, RM 14 for 6 pcs) are properly done. Each bite gives you filling as well as flavourful juices like that of a xiao long bao. The gyoza is not big, but is enough to provide you with texture with each bite. Dip in vinegar + chilli oil mixture to cancel out the oiliness and a slight tartness that makes the dish perhaps all the more appetizing.

Presentation isn't its strong point. No fanvy garnishing and no special japanese cutlery. Just a white plate that it almost looks sad.

Overall, this is a properly done yaki gyoza. Not the best Yaki Gyoza, but not bad either. Perhaps instead of "De Gozaru" it makes you wonder if the RM 14 was worth it. Surely there are better gyozas out there "de arimasu...ka?"

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