Mention Korean food and most people would think about the stretch of road along Tanjong Pagar which are populated with Korean restaurants.

What most people don't know is that there is another little enclave of Korean food in the Beauty World area. Besides stalwarts such as Kim's Family and Woorinara, Beauty World itself is home to several hole in the world Korean eateries such as Pink Candy and Joo Mak.

Three Meals A Day is one of these homely Korean eateries located along Chun Tin Road. The food is good and affordably price. I really enjoyed their soondubu-jjigae which was on the milder side but tasty and savoury. Just perfect for a rainy day lunch. One of the better soondubu-jjigaes I have had in town and definitely worth the buck at $10.

We also shared a plate of their special beef bulgogi. The hot plate was topped with slices of sweet marinated tender beef, glass noodles and rice cakes. Reallly good though slightly more expensive at $35.

There is often a queue outside Three Meals A Day so do try to pop by a little earlier if you are checking them out!

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