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Beef Stew $10.80++(2%svc + 7%gst)

Five loaves and two fishes depicts the miracle that Jesus performed to feed thousands with just five loaves of bread and two fishes. I believe that is the mission of the restaurant too. Hiring under privileged personnels to serve speaks about their purpose.

I was transfixed when all food and drinks were served 5 mins upon order and all came simultaneously.

I would order a beef stew whenever i see them on a menu without hesitation and it never fails my expectations. The beef briskets were simmered to perfection with a rich broth. The texture were tender yet not losing the bite you expect from a good beef. I could whip up 2 bowls of rice with that. I would personally advice them to add carrots and potatoes to enhance the flavor and contrast.

Remember to return your tray not just to get the $1 back but to help the under privileged to work in a better environment.

We will be back!

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