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Contrary to my friend's belief, it takes a lot to move me, but I always believe in giving credit where credit is due.

This new food outlet I believe, excelled in almost all aspect of their business. The restaurant decor was elegant, with large open glass windows that you could see what the chefs are making in the kitchen. The restaurant was spacious, offering indoor and outdoor seatings. The service crew has an amazing and pleasant attitude. It was always a nice moment interacting with them.

As for the food, we had their rainbow burger, called the Handsum Burg, their Between Two Buns (essentially cheeseburger - $12) and their battered Mushrooms.

Their rainbow burger ($20) was 10/10 instagrammable, and not just that, it was surprisingly good! I mean, the patty was juicy, the bun had a nice chew to it, and the spicy peanut butter sauce complemented the whole burger quite well, resulting in a well rounded, and while hearty, still not as jelak burger. Price wise, it is a little on the expensive side though.

The other dish worth mentioning is the fried mushrooms ($10 for 5). The fried skin on the outside was nice, and the mushroom was so juicy at every bite. Loved it.

I give credit to the crew for putting in tremendous effort in making the customers happy and occupied. They would go round asking if you needed anything, and are responsive to cues and requests.

While the area is a little out of the way and I've seen cafes come and go in a short time there, I truly wish them the best and continue to keep up the spirit!

Was I moved? You bet!

PS: don't stand outside while waiting. Got bitten by mosquitoes just now. >