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This is my third time trying Jollibee and first time in this outlet and it truly didn't disappoint me.

When my friends and I saw the queue at the entrance, we were shocked to see a long queue. My friends queue for the food while I was waiting for table to available which took about 20 mins.

I ordered the 1-pc. Chickenjoy w / Jolly Spaghetti ($7). The tomato and mozzarella cheese is just the right amount which blends well with the Spaghetti along with the minced meat and sausage. It is better than those Bolognese Spaghetti at Coffeeshop. It tasted better than I tried last time at Lucky Plaza. The Chicken comes with the brown sauce which is the Chicken Stock to either dip it and pour around the Chicken. The sauce is so seasoned beautifully which makes it flavourful. I even forgot about the chili sauce which I wanted to dip it with the Chicken.

I would say this is a very nice & affordable for a fast food restaurant and would look forward to try again.