This bowl ($12) came with thin, springy Hakata ramen in a light tonkotsu broth, topped with char-shu, bamboo shoots and spring onion. I added some free flow red ginger and hardboiled eggs. The hardboiled eggs taste really, really good. That beautiful just-set golden yolk in the center...I ate like three or four of those.

The noodles are perfectly al dente, and the meat wasn't too fatty and well-cooked which was good. This is a really really light broth with barely any oil, but also barely any flavor and what felt like a ton of salt. Yes its shio ramen, but still it was so uncomfortably salty with barely any tonkotsu flavor.

Maybe this wasn't the best choice of ramen, but I was just not impressed. Plus the noodle portion is really small, to be honest.