Taking over the former premises of Galettes at Ang Mo Kio, AMPM Cafe is a new cafe that emphasises on their soft-serve offerings — the ice-cream cafe does carry a resemblance with Aqua S; offering four different flavours in two different configurations which seems to be rotated on a monthly basis as suggested in the menu.

Offering their soft-serves in either cups, cones or with the egglet (only available for dine-in), patrons can pick their desired ice-cream flavour (be it a single flavour or a combination of two flavours as per the presets — dubbed as a “swirl” and also go for three of the toppings available and a sauce; we have opted for the Biscoff Crumble, Crushed Nuts and Cereal Flakes for our choice of toppings, and the homemade Berries Sauce for the sauce to go with our egglet. The egglet comes pretty plush; wafts of a buttermilk fragrance and relatively cakey — sufficiently dense for a good texture without being overly jelak and pretty fun to eat when slicing through the puffy bits. The soft-serve is served in the same style as what Sunday Folks would do — atop a wafer biscuit that holds up the soft-serve in place; the soft-serve though seems to melt rather easily considering we did not take much time for photos, and the tip was already on the verge of dripping by the time it arrived on the table. The Grapefruit Beetroot was the soft-serve of our choice; it carries a refreshing note of tartness that works great as a palate cleanser, yet not as intense as certain citrus-based desserts which can get overwhelmingly sour and requires another element for some balance — the flavour also was surprisingly not too creamy, and thus easy to finish. The Matcha soft-serve, however, was the lighter between the two; carries a Jasmine Green Tea-esque vibe rather than focusing on the bitter undertones of the pure tea itself. The toppings we went with added varying layers of crunch to the dish, while the homemade Berries Sauce felt a little strong-handed against the soft-serve, though felt pretty fresh and carries a tartness that helps to provide some contrast against the egglet.

Must say that the concept is pretty interesting for an ice-cream parlour in the neighbourhood — not a totally fresh idea, but one that seems to inject some character for a spot that is found under a HDB block. A pretty decent spot that is worth considering for a visit whilst in the area; also a spot that most Ang Mo Kio residents will likely appreciate having in the neighbourhood — the brightly lit space definitely works well for a convenient catch-up with friends within the estate or even for small families with kids craving for a cool, sweet treat.

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