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Went with the regular beef patty burger at working titles new location, which is further down the haji stretch.

Fries kinda reminds me of Carl’s Jr - thick and chunky but the bite texture lacks consistency. The seasoning was pretty on point though.
The patty is juicy and respectable, but it’s just a tad bland, would have liked just a bit more salt and pepper to enhance the umami flavors of the minced meat. Moving onto the buns themselves, the moisture of the tomato slices actually disintegrated the bottom bun quite a bit, and nobody likes a soggy burger. They were nicely toasted, but I do wish the buns were substantial enough to not fall apart due to the contents of said burger. However, gripes aside, with the Burpple Beyond promo this nice little set only runs up to $7, so no complains about value here for sure.

Taste: 6.5
Value: 8
Cafe Tunes: 8
Overall: 6.5